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Wow, it has been about two months since I`ve written about my thoughts. As promised, I shall write about what happened during Valentine`s Day. I won`t give the exact details of what happened, because I don`t want to give out some of my secrets of seduction.

Valentine`s Day was spent with a very beautiful princess. I spontaneously showed up at her work and brought her to my mansion. On the way to my place, I told her to put on a blindfold. She couldn`t wait to see what I had in store for her. I was whispering to her what I was going to do later on. Of course she wanted to go to the backseat with me.

We pulled up to my place and went inside. I set up a trail of candles leading to my bedroom. I told her to take off the blindfold. She was very very excited. We followed the trail of candles. I could hear her heartbeat as she saw my bed covered in rose petals. She then turned to me. I looked directly in her eyes and gave her a slow, long kiss. She was trembling as soon as our lips touched. I gave her an orgasm by kissing.

You all know where this is heading. Three hours later, we had dinner in bed.

A fan offered me to host my site, so I let him. In exchange, he wanted me to purchase him a shirt with my flawless face on it. I treat my fans so well. I love you all!

This year`s Valentine`s Day was perfect. I will write about it sometime, but I have to get my beauty sleep.

I was just on using my new screen name. Of course, many fans instant messaged me. Quite a few wanted to go on a date with me. There was one fan who was underage but still wanted me. Since I am a man of integrity, I politely refused her offer.

Also, being this sexy has it`s downsides. Some are jealous of me and call me very derogatory names. One was xalohafromhellx. He made very rude comments about gays. He also said some very disgusting things about himself.

Valentine's Day will be coming up in less than two weeks. Soon, my mailbox will be filled with cards from possible princesses and old dates. I can hope that they don't send me their used undergarments like they did last year.

I am currently planning things out for Valentine's Day for one lucky possible princess. I can not get into the detail of it because I want to surprise her. It will be a night for her to remember.

As you all know, my trip to UMass Amherst was very delightful. Since I have integrity, I did not charm the many naive girls into their dorm rooms. Instead, I educated them, telling them about the sacredness of one`s virginity. They now believe that the first time should be with someone special. Of course, after lecturing them, they wanted their first time to be with me. The question of whether or not they experienced Asian Prince love shall remain a mystery.

As you can see, there is an option to vote for yours truly, your favorite bad boy, as member of the week. I`m sure everybody would want to see me as member of the week. This would increase my popularity even more and thus, make more sexy princesses know that a man with so many positive attributes actually exists in this world. So if you`re a member of Asian Avenue, vote for me. You won`t regret it. ;)

Some fans may have seen a live journal that claims to be me writing in it. That is not me. The Thoughts section is my journal. Many fans want to emulate me because I`m so sexy, but please, don`t say that you are me.

Wow, I haven`t shared my thoughts in over a month! I`m still in the Boston area. Lately, I`ve been going to clubs and writing some songs. One time, I went to a club called The Roxy and there was a DJ named Darude performing. I danced all night. All the princesses there wanted me to grind with them.

Whenever I go to clubs, the bouncers always let me through. I guess it`s the entourage of sexy women that are usually surrounding me. Since I`m so generous and slick, after giving the bouncer a handshake, he`s $100 or more richer.

Dianne surprised me too. She one day just arrived at my door one day. I still remember that night when she convinced me to shave my eyebrows. If you`re on AIM and I`m on and there`s an away message, it`s usually because I`m occupied with her.

She`s leaving today, but next week, I`ll be visiting UMass Amherst. Princesses have told me that I can really have some fun there. We`ll see when I get there.

The trip to Harvard University was excellent. I also made a stop at Boston University. I used all of the condoms that I brought with me. The princesses there really are smart because they recognized it was a once in a lifetime chance to experience me. I also just finished updating my page with pictures.

I just got back from going onAIM. I`m sorry if you IMed me and I never replied. It`s because many fans IM me all at once. I try to reply because I love my fans. Please don`t feel left out if you IM me and I don`t respond, it`s because of my overwhelming number of fans.

When I woke up this morning, I was alone. I guess last night`s date left early this morning. She must have been tired because we were up all night.

So I get up and put on some clothes because I sleep naked. My friend is watching the news, and as I saw it, I was shocked. I send some Asian Prince love to all the families that have lost someone in todays atrocities.

It makes me glad that I took my private jet here to Massachusetts. Lets hope nothing like this ever happens again.

Today, I packed for my trip to Harvard University. I`ll be flying to Boston, Massachusetts in my private jet. After the trip, I`ll be staying at my friend`s house.

I packed lots of condoms for my little trip to Harvard. I packed Kimono brand condoms because through years of experience, these give the most pleasure. Why exactly am I going to Harvard University? I`m not doing any concerts or anything, it`s simply because a princess named Laqueesha goes there. She maybe only a college student, but her mind is almost as brilliant as mine.

Also, I want the ladies at Harvard University to experience me, Wo-Hen. They`ll be blessed by the Asian Prince. They will immediately recognize my charm and intelligence so they will want me.

While I`m there, I`ll take pictures with my expensive digital camera. Pictures will be posted in the Bad Boy Life section. They`ll be posted there because I`ll be unleashing my inner bad boy once the princesses invite me into their dorm.