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When I'm not in the studio making hits, I'm usually out on a date with a sexy princess. I will not get into the details of my dates because they are too hot for the internet. This section is devoted to my party life. Where ever I go, I'm always welcome, especially parties. I guess it's because people can sense that I know how to have fun. They can feel my charisma.
A sexy female photographer took these pictures of me at my visit to Harvard University. Since I am so photogenic, she took many pictures of me. My hair doesn't have lots of volume like it usually does because I forgot my expensive hair products. I wore glasses so I could blend in with the crowd and look even more intelligent. I also dressed normal clothes instead of my custom made ones. I didn't want to be the center of attention like how I usually am. I'm modest, so I don't try to bring attention to myself. I let it come to me. I straightened my hair and I was surprised on how long it was. As a side note, that's what all my dates say after I charm them in bed. As I walked around campus, I could see the heads turn as I walked by. On the right, the photographer took the picture too early because I was gonna strike a sexy pose. During this photo session, I was practicing heavy breathing excerises so I could relax.
After Harvard University, I visited Boston University. As usual, the female students stared at me in awe as I walked by. That night, I went to a frat party. Since I am so tough and strong, I have a high tolerance to alcohol. On the right is a picture of a princess doing what is called a kegstand. Since I am caring, I told her to stop before she gets too drunk. I impressed everybody at the party because I drank most of the keg and barely got drunk. I escorted most of the drunk princesses home because I am a gentlemen and they knew I could beat up any attackers. They sensed that I am chivalrous.

This is a picture of the dorm that I stayed the night in at University of Massachusetts Amherst. That night I didn't sleep at all. I was up all night with some ladies ;-). That night, I went to a party with some ladies. At the party, we had to pay, but I paid for everybody with me because I'm such a benefactor. I drank more than anybody else, but I didn't feel the effects at all.

Because of my excellent hand-eye coordination, I beat everybody at a game called beer pong. All the princesses found it amazing that it was my first time playing. After all the partying, and escorting, I headed back to the dorm with some ladies. The area was called Orchard Hill. The hills were steep, but since I have lots of stamina, I wasn't tired at all when we reached the dorm.

That night some princesses and I went out to see a meteor shower. It was cold out so all the ladies were gathering around me. Being able to vibrate enables me to produce extra body heat. Also, since I'm so sexy, they all wanted to be near me. It was very romantic. You can feel all the sexual tension in the air. It must've been a combination of my body heat and sexual tension that kept the princesses warm.

After the meteor shower, all the ladies wanted me to go with them in their room. The princesses had to sneak me in. I got in because I have ninja-like skills.

This was on the wall in the dorm. It was probably put there because the people on the floor knew that I was coming. I would never be in an orgy because I have lots of class, but if I did, the only male there would be me, because I'm all the man that all the princesses would need and can handle.