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This is my picture gallery. These pictures range from my early days as a singer to present time. I hope you enjoy the photos and learn more about me!

The picture above is of me when I first came to America. As you can see, I am very wealthy because this shirt is 100% real tiger fur. This is one of my cheap shirts, but it still cost me $950. Money isn't an issue for me, so I will spoil and pamper you.

To your left is a photo of me when I shaved my mustache. This was in the early ninties. After a year of no mustache, I decided that it wasn't for me. Having no mustache made me feel less of a man.

This is another early photo of me. It was taken during one of my many sold out concerts in Asia. Again, money isn't an issue, because I had this suit custom made in Italy and I've only worn it once. Look at how thick and full my hair is. When I become older, I guarantee you that I won't become bald and wrinkley.


As you can see from the first photo, my favorite artist is Little Richard. My absolute favorite color is light purple and I am very intelligent. I live in Los Angeles, California, but if you live somewhere else, it's ok, because I have a private jet.


People are always complimenting my hair. They say to me, "Nice mullet!" or "I really like your mullet, who's your barber?" At first, I was confused at this statement. I didn't know what a mullet was. I found out after asking my girlfriend at that time. Here's the story of how I got my hairstyle. When I first came to America, I lived in the South for five months. I lived in Alabama. All of the caucasian men had this hair style that was short on the top, and then long at the back. Trying to fit in, I decided to copy this style. Having this hair style is both practical and stylish. It is practical because it protects the back of my neck from the sun. It is stylish because people are always complimenting it.


Here are more pictures of me. All of my clothes are custom made by designers from Europe. The one on the left was taken while I was at a concert. Sorry for the quality, this picture was a polaroid. The one on the right was one of my first modeling shoots. Look at all the gold that I am wearing! Don't be fooled my the rings that I am wearing, I was never married!
This photo was taken during a photo shoot. The jewerly that I'm wearing is all mine. You can see that I'm wearing the same jewerly as the photo above! I do not smoke; the cigarette was used for effect. I don't mind if you're a smoker. The suit that I'm wearing is genuine silk. As you can see from the picture, I am very sexy. My lovely friend Sherry says she loves me! She loves the type of guys that look like me.
One night, I was bored and decided to practice my computer graphics skills. That's why the background of this picture looks cool. The necklace that I'm wearing is coated with gems and diamonds. The earrings have diamonds on them too! The suit I'm wearing is one of a kind, again, custom made in europe. The thing I love most in the picture is my hair. It is soft, thick, and easy to style.
This is my license. The picture on it was taken about one year ago. My hair is pulled back in a pony tail becuase I didn't have the time to style my thick, soft hair. I de-interlaced the photo and enhanced it for your viewing pleasure. What inspired me to show you my license? Here's the story. I was cruising the city in my BMW Z3. My inner-bad boy kicked in, so I started to speed. I got pulled over by a cop, which happend to be a female. When she saw me, her whole face lit (as with all the women that lay their lovely eyes on me). She asked for my license and registration. When she saw my license, she gave me a sexy smile. That's what inspired me to show my license.
I'm giving a smile to all the women out there! Since I don't smoke, my teeth are pearly white. I decorated the picture myself. Of course, the gold earrings and necklace are mine, but if you were my princess, they'd be yours too! That shirt I'm wearing is very expensive, because it is 100% silk, with intricate embroidery, custom made for me. From this picture alone, you can ascertain that I have excellent hygeine. My face is flawless. People tell me my eyes are very sexy. Also, they are always making eye contact with me. It is very flattering. Even men do it, but sorry guys, I'm not gay! I guess my eyes just have some kind of mystique attribute.

I truly am a prince. The combination of custom made silk clothing and gold jewelry creates a style that is sophisticated, elegant, and unique. If you're my princess, I'll share my gold and platinum jewelry with you! I'll treat you like royalty. The staff that I'm holding in this picture is made out of a platinum and gold alloy. It is heavy, but since I am strong, I am able to hold it easily with one hand.

Why are my clothes all silk and custom made? It's because it makes it easier to slip out of them at the end of all my dates. The clothes are made to my specifications so I can take them off quickly and sexily. The silk just makes the clothes glide off my skin. When I reveal my rock solid chiseled abs and muscles, it drives all the princesses wild.

As you can see from the picture, my hair has lots of volume. It is silky and soft, yet very thick and strong. So strong, that it is able to support the gold crown. I barely feel the crown on my head. Wouldn't you love to run your hands through my hair? If we're on a date, the next morning, we can shower together. You'll have the pleasure of me washing your hair while I wash yours with my expensive hair products.