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I love to sing. It's where I get the money to purchase my vehicles.

Like my music? You can buy it at various import music stores! Look for the artist with the face that makes all women week in the knees!

Since I am considered by many, a genius, I know how to sing in different languages. Touring thoughout Asia, I've self taught myself each language. I've been called a musical genius for both my writing style and talent. I am also called a marketing genius because of all my sold out concerts. I am a man who is smart, funny, romantic, charming, compassionate, talented, sexy, and has an excellent sense of style. Am I not hot?

Like many of my other concerts, this one was sold out. Check out the audio recording of it below. The title of the song I sang roughly translates to Give It Up. It's a chart topper in Asia. It's a rap song that I wrote. I was inspired to write it after dating a black women.
I really know how to work up a crowd. This is yet again, another sold out concert. I was bored, so I decorated the picture with computer graphics. There is no live recording of this concert, but you can play the song I sang. The song is untitled. I really like the reggae beat, don't you?
In a fit of anger, I just started to freestyle on the mic. I was angry because I had a bad hair day, which is extremely rare. My hair wasn't being fluffy, like how it usually is. I went into my home studio, hit the record button, and started to freestyle. Afterwards, I decided to add a beat to the recording. Also, sorry for the angry tone in my voice.