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These are the cars I usually drive when my inner bad boy is released. Everytime I stop at a red light, there's alway an admirer staring at both me and my car. The moment the light turns green, and if my admirer is a girl, I give her a wink and she smiles as I burn rubber and drive away. They always try to catch up to have one last look at me, but they never catch up.


These are my other vehicles.  It's a Mercedes SLK 320 and a BMW Z3 Roadster.  If you be my woman, we will cruise the city, with the top down and stereo turned up!  I like to go fast in these cars.  Who wouldn't?
Since people are saying that the pictures of my Mercedes SLK 320 and BMW Z3 Roadster are fake, here are some more pictures that I've taken of them. Instead of having my photographer take pictures of them with his professional equipment, I used one of my digital cameras. I too have expensive professional photography equipment, but people would complain and say the pictures are too good to be true.
This picture was taken after a day of cruising the city. I removed the front license plate holder to make the picture look nicer. Picture was taken in my long and wide driveway. My genius friend did the graphics.

This is the picture of the red Z3 Roadster that people said looked like it came from a magazine. Again, I removed the license plate holder. Picture was taken in my huge three door garage. My friend blurred the background for effect.

Update: Since I have many cars, I got confused and took a picture of the wrong one. This is my regular Z3.

My hot friend, Krisha suggested that I buy it. I'm glad she suggested it, because I love this car! I was so excited that I forgot to remove the front license place holder, but instead I just removed the licence plate. As an addition to having a long and wide driveway and a huge three door garage, I also have a large backyard, complete with trees and a flower garden, a rarity in my neighborhood!

NOTE: I will not post a picture of my house because it is too large to photograph and for privacy reasons.

This is my other Mercedes SLK 320. It is a 2001 model. Dianne and I went out on a date in this car. I think this car complements my hair because both my hair and this car are both black, sexy, strong, high quality, and attracts women. When I cruise the city with the top down, I really turn heads! Especially the ladies!
The other vehicle in this picture is a 1998 Infiniti QX4. I bought this back in 1998, when I drove passed the dealership. The backseat of this vehicle can fold down for more room in back for me and the ladies! This car is tough, strong, rugged, and smooth, just like me.

After the 2000 Civic EX sedan accident (see Bad Boy Life) section, I purchased a 2001 Civic EX coupe and an 2001 Integra Type R. As usual, I paid for both in cash. I think these cars are good for practicing modifying cars.

The picture on top is my 2001 Civic EX coupe. I got an automatic so I can put my strong arm on a possible princess's shoulders as we're on a date. Girls always say to me, "cute car" or "nice car" when I take this car out. This car is stylish and has good handling. The interior is all leather and the seats recline. This is perfect for when I open the moonroof and we look at the stars. I am very romantic.

I took this picture of my 2001 Integra Type R in my huge gargage. Unfortunately, this car only came in manual transmission. But that's ok because it makes me feel more manlier. I like to pull up to cars when there's a red light and rev the engine. The sound always unleashes my inner bad boy. I always burn the other car because of my excellent racing skills.

Since I have many vehicles to choose from, it is sometimes hard to decide which one to take on a date. This is a videoclip of some of my fast cars. I couldn't decide which car to bring, so I brought all three. My sexy friends drove the Civic and Integra as I drove the SLK.

Since I am spontaneous, my date was very excited when I showed up with all three cars. I could hear her heart pounding as I slickly got out of the SLK, walked up her, gently put my hands around her waist and asked her, "Which one would you like to ride in?" I swept her off her feet. I am every woman's knight in shining armor.

NOTE: This video was made before I started modifying my Civic and Integra.