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A video of a sexy fan named Amy from Boston University was sent to me. She was sad that she did not get to see me when I visited. Since I love my fans, I will be visiting again on May 11th.

She is trying to seduce me in this video. I'm sorry, I will not make this video available for downloading because it gets very hot and steamy. The picture on the right is her stripping for me. My influence is so powerful that it released her inner bad girl. She said it was her first time doing making a video like this.

In the video she said that it takes her forever to orgasm. Of course she is suggesting that I make passionate love to her because I always satisfy the ladies and have them begging for more.

She also suggested that I use my vibrating hands while she is in the shower. My hands alone can satisfy a woman instantaneously.

I really did release Amy's inner bad girl because the couple in the two pictures below were in the same room watching her.

Michelle, another sexy student from Boston University, was also in the video. The picture on the left illustrates the kind of things she would do to me.

The picture to the right shows how he admires my natural gift to attract women.