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This section is dedicated to all of my fans.

In this section, fan art, pictures of fans, and other things that fans have sent me. Since so many princesses want me, they've sent me pictures of themselves with writing on them! Females and males fans all around the world, send pictures of yourself with the word, "AP213". If you do, you've just been blessed by the Asian Prince!

This personal ad was made for me from a fan named Viet. Click on it for a bigger version. He is also a member of Asian Avenue. Click here to go to his site. I recommend going there because it is very interesting and funny. I would also recommend reading his old writings, because they are engaging.

The personal ad captures the essense of me, but not all of it. The image of me with my eyebrows shaved shows that I'm a bad boy rebel. The hearts and rose represents my romance and love. There are many more qualities that aren't represented, but it would be extremely difficult to have them all shown in one image.

This fan art picture is by Ryan from This is a computer generated image of me in my private beach. He notes that "the picture is slightly out of focus, but that doesn't matter. His beauty still shines through."
The people at Digital Prozac definately have good tastes, since they decided to make a destop theme about me! Turn heads as people walk past the computer and see my sexy face! They've even taken sound clips from my hit songs!

Buy an Asian Prince t-shirt today! A fan named George asked if he could use my sexy image. I agreed since I'm so giving towards my fans. Wearing this shirt will show that you've been blessed by the Asian Prince. If you're a possible princess, this is a must-have! The competion is fierce, so you'll want to stand out! Experience the shirts today!

This fan art wallpaper is very large, but since I have a T3 internet connection, it takes less than a second to load. The picture on the left, is a suggested cover for my next album. The picture on the right has me using my charm. As you can see, the woman on the image wants me. My sexy poses always attracts the ladies. It unleashes the inner bad girl of princesses.
Only in their dreams can women be this close to me. Kristie, a fan made this picture because she wishes to be this close to me. She "managed to put a picture of us together so you can see what our union would look like." Most princesses faint when they get this close to me.
A fan named Maria, from, sent me this advertisement. She goes to Columbia University, so she must be smart. All the intelligent women want to be with me. These concert tickets must have been sold right away because my sexy face was used in the advertisement. Whoever made this advertisement is very smart. My concerts are always sold out because my advertisements have my sexy face on it and my aggressive marketing skills.

Since I am very romantic, the people who speak the language of romance showed their love for me by making a wallpaper. Here's the e-mail I got:

"We are French Fans, we really love you dear Asian Prince, and we created a wallpaper in your honor ; we made it available for donwload on our website,, in order that thousands of French males and females recognize your universal beauty."
- Dr Chewbacca for the team

size 800x600, 1024x768

Nikki tells me that she's obsessed with me. Odd because when I visited her site, I didn't see myself on her page. It's probably because words can't express how she truly feels about me. I know there are many princesses out there who feel the same way. It's ok, I understand that my presence is overwhelming, but I'm just a man. I know it's hard to believe because of all my many good qualities, but it's true. I'm just a prince in search of a princess...
A fan named Jennifer wrote me poems because I'm so sexy and hot. I was flattered after reading it. Here is her poems:
Hair so bushy and flowy,
eyes so mushy and glowy,
you are so sexy and hot,
please be my tea while i am your teapot,
everytime i see your site,
i hope that you will marry, you might.
Will you marry me?
Oh asian prince Oh asian prince,
how sweet is your face......
your eyes are deep like a hole,
it's like i'm looking into your soul....
Oh asian prince Oh asian prince,
you are so lovely and cute......
your really nice and funny,
please pet me like a bunny.....
Oh asian prince Oh asian prince,
your body is hot and sexy......
i really am in love with you,
you turn me on,
oh yes you do.....
Oh asian prince Oh asian prince,
i want to be with you under your cover,
Oh please asian prince let me be your lover

On the right is a poem written by Rachel. She said that it was inspired by my hotness! At the end of the e-mail, she wrote, "love ya lots~rachel" He he, I'm flattered!

To the left is some fan art sent in by Justin. It is of me walking down the Vegas Strip, after getting out of a BMW.

your ass is a beautiful sight
your teeth are pearly white
you're so manly and strong
please write me a song
you one bad mother
come lay me, brother
then take me away your private jet
This image was made by a fan named Rupert. My bad boy image is magnified with the rifle I'm holding. The setting is in the Wild West, where there were good guys against the bad guys. I am the epitome of all that is good. The fan did a good job, except the chest area isn't muscular like mine. I have hot chiseled abs and well defined pectoral muscles.

A fan wondered what I would look like if I cut my strong, thick hair and shaved my unique mustache. This is what he came up with. I am still very sexy in it. Again, if I did shave my mustache, I would feel less of a man.

Would I go for this look? Having no mustache does reveal more of my sexy soft lips. The short hair reveals my sensitive cute ears also. Perhaps I will be able to hear better, because my thick hair covers my ears. I would be able to hear more women yell my name as I slowly cruise by them in one of my sexy vehicles.

After thinking long and hard, I decided not to cut my hair or shave my mustache. There are several reasons for this. My dates love to play with my hair. The flirty women are always stroking it because its silky softness. I wont shave the mustache because it's simply just sexy.

This fan, Ryan is trying to emulate my style. Whenever I go on AIM, fans always ask me, "How do you get all those princesses?" The answer is simple: I am a challange to women. My devastating good looks isn't the only thing that draws women towards me.

This fan art image was sent in by Sam. This is the decription of the image:

  This art picture of you, the great Wo-Hen Nanan, in a ninja suit, dramatically silhouetted against a full moon. I feel this picture portrays your inner bad boy. Furthermore, the black, strong, smooth, and sexy figure of the ninja complements your hair in every way. The way you are holding that sword in the air simply shouts, "Hey, I am one bad ass."