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Welcome to my bad boy life section.

This section tells about moments when my inner bad boy kicked in. Sometimes, I like to live life dangerously. Some princesses are attracted to bad boy rebels. I can be one at times. They will find me irresistable after viewing this section.

I think I look like a bad ass in this picture. This is a picture of me in my early career. As you can see, I have been sexy all my life. Although I may look sweet and innocent now, there were times when I looked like a bad ass. The outfit that I'm wearing in this picture is 100% silk. The shoes are made from soft Italian leather. I think I should become a model, don't you?
This is a picture of my 2000 Honda Civic EX. I bought this car for fun, on impulse, since I am very rich. I was going to get a 2000 Honda Civic SI, but there was one problem. It is a little difficult to get into the backseat. In this car, it's easier for me and a girl(s) to get into the backseat. I bought this becuse I wanted to practice modifying cars. As well as being an excellent lover, I am also excellent with cars. I was going to modify this car all by myself, since I am good with my hands.
Wow! What happend here? I wanted to test the limits of this car. Since I sometimes live life dangerously, I decided to go really fast in the city. Some people like to call me, "one bad mother." I don't understand what that's supposed to mean, but it makes me sound like a bad ass. As I was driving, a car hit me from the side. I didn't get hurt because I am tough and strong. Since I have lots of money, this car isn't much of a loss for me.
Why am I such a good lover? Here's one of the many reasons. Since I am very good with my hands, I am able to vibrate them. When I go out to clubs and show the ladies that I can vibrate my hands, they go crazy! Here's an audio recording of me vibrating my hands. I'm holding a 100% real gold pen and vibrating it against my custom made solid mahogany desk. Since I am strong, I dented the pen while vibrating it against my desk. Even though it's a gold pen, it is not much of a loss for me.


This is a picture of me the morning after having a date with a possible princess named Dianne. She told me that shaving my eyebrows made me look even more sexier and "bad ass" than I already am. Here's the story of how it all happend:

After cruising the city in my black 2001 Mercedes SLK 320 with Dianne, I took her to my place. Of course all she wanted to do is go to my large bedroom, since I am hot and charming. She headed for my bedroom as I took out a bottle of Louis Jadot Puligny-Montrachet from my extensive fine wine collection. I poured some in two crystal wine glasses. Since I am so sexy, she couldn't wait to have sex. She unknowingly put her cigarette in the wine and it burnt most of my eyebrows off. Again since I am tough and strong, I wasn't hurt. Also, since my hair is think and healthy, nothing happend to it. She then yelled, "Take it off! Take it all off!" So I went into my bathroom and shaved the rest off. I didn't have enough time to give my eyebrows a good shave because she was begging for me.

We were up until the morning since I am a stallion in bed and have lots of stamina. I took this picture of myself on my webcam since I didn't want to take out my expensive photography equipment. As you can see from the picture my bedroom is also well decorated. I am also naked in this picture!

Being both a bad boy and a nice guy is not a contradiction. I am an example of this. Since I am so generous, This is a thank you gift for Dianne. More people admire me and stare when I go out in public. I think it's because I have no eyebrows. They're attracted to my sex and bad boy appeal. After several hours in bed with Dianne, we cuddled and talked. Since I'm also a good listener, I learned that she wanted a pink Volks Wagon Jetta.

The leather jacket that I'm wearing in this picture adds to my bad boy apeal. My hair is also pulled back, to expose more of my sexy face.

Princesses love to stroke my sideburns when they wake up in the morning. They are always telling me how soft it feels. My sideburns have a very nice shape.

I usually wear my leather jacket when I go for a ride on my motorcyle. I have many, but I usually take my Harley Davidson out.

This is my Harley Davidson. My leather jacket, motorcycle, shades, and sideburns makes me the ultimate bad boy. When I ride this on the highway at very high speeds, all eyes are on me.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling extra dangerous, I go for a ride without a helmet on. The hair moves with the wind in perfect harmony. It also gives me extra volume in my hair. If there are princesses around, I will stop in front of them and then take off my leather gloves, and run my strong hands through my hair.

I know that driving without a helmet on is extremely dangerous, but I look extra sexy without it on. I know that I won't get into any accidents becuase I am a very skilled driver.

This is another motorcyle of mine. Whenever my inner bad boy kicks in and I'm with a princess, I take this bad boy for a ride.

Ladies aways go crazy when I show them this. They notice how soft the seats are since I had them custom made. It's made out of silk and is very comfortable.

Lots of jealousy can be sensed as other princesses turn their heads and see that their is somebody riding with me. This jealousy is always neutralized when I wave at them.